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Ricard (; French pronunciation: ​[ʁikaʁ]) is a pastis, an anise and licorice-flavored aperitif, created by Paul Ricard in 1932. The Ricard brand is the global leader in anise-based alcohols, with more than 40 million litres of Ricard sold each year. Its main competitor is Pastis 51, which currently belongs to the Pernod Ricard group, and is produced and distributed by the Pernod Company.


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Current Employee - Activation Specialist says

"Not competitive pay. No legitimate effort to develop talent. Fail to appreciate hard work in performance evaluation capping low level employees due to status level."

Current Employee - Commercial says

"management is not able to keep things straight and inexperienced. decisions change every day so nobody knows what is going on. codi and managers dont listen. teams step on one another (brand teams dont care to understand sales), a lot of sexism and token diversity, new ceo doesnt spend time to know employees"

Former Employee - Sales says

"- No work life balance - Expectations are unrealistic - Reorg often/job security lacking - Rumors about selling brands - Work load excessive and expected to cover others as well"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Culture in Irving Tx office is non-existent. Current leader divides and not to be trusted. Very closed minded."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you are not french+male+white, you will not go beyond your current job. The company suffers from short-term memory in regards to ideas and concepts. It makes the new people feel super smart (and question how no one had that idea before) and the older people look stupid, when in fact most of the ideas were proposed at a certain point. Really demoralizing. Don't believe any moment that anyone has your back. It doesn't matter what performance you deliver - if the new management (which happens around every 4 years) doesn't like you, you will be demoted, fired or simply put in a corner hoping you will resign. The company became a recycling bin for talent - you come in, get squeezed for your talent and will be incentivized to leave."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"The entire executive team is made of white males, mostly French and Europeans that have never worked for an American company and cannot relate to the culture, with one token female executive, but of course, she is French. Constant reorgs, marketing is a mess, a revolving door of people in and out, averaging 1.5 years in the company, morale is to the lowest degree."


"I don't even know where to start - inward looking culture that has clowns running the show. The HR, IT and Elyx are the biggest jokes in town. Every few years they'll do a reorganization- spin some positive stuff (hand out generous packages) but they keep on losing share. Yes they've Jameson - but it does well as they don't do anything to it. Paternalistic culture that keep having leaders that won't be hired even as Senior Managers at comparable organizations in the US. Bottom line - if you don't want to loose the skills you've and be in an depressing environment that lacks any sense of purpose, look elsewhere"

Former Employee - Managing Director says

"Years of poor management has created significant uncertainty and poor morale. It is always a matter of when, not if, you will leave Pernod. Diversity of thought and people are lacking."

Former Employee - Forklift Operator says

"terrible on hours no vacation time. sick time counts against you"

Current Employee - Manager says

"The people at the company are horrible to work with. No one is accountable for their actions."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"La incomodidad, incompetencia de sus celos, mienten,todo el tiempo, autoritarioEl comedorRrhh no existe, mala actitud ante todo, ceos autoritario"

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Don't join at any condition due to poor management staff and not provide any clarification during jobless situation so I m requesting to all members please don't join."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"No comment is the best way to describe the culture at Pernod Ricard in Dallas. Never have been in such dysfunction with lack of connection. Everyone sits in their office.NoneAll"

Line Worker (Current Employee) says

"People there are lazy and take advantage of new worker's. You see workers drinking in the locker rooms. Nothing gets done by managment. People just screw around all day making lines go down so they can either go drink or sit around and play cards. I would never recommend a place like this. Only if your intrested in being pushed around insulated and made to feel like your life is worth nothing. This is the worst most stressful most unexpected time iv ever had working. The union is what's helping people mess up the future of the company's and the new generation. These people dont deserve having there jobs. From managment to floor worker's to the HR there all abusing the system. But hopefully theyoos there jobs and get treated the way they treat othersNothingThis place sucks"

Invoice coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Management is not supportive, does not listen. No career advancement. They promote flexibility however it is not a reality. They stretch all employees too far which causes high stress.Free wineNo work/life balance"

Admin Executive (Former Employee) says

"A worst place to work especially under people like P srinivas & Sriram madireddy. Inspire of writing complaint mail against them no action was taken. Not a recommended place to work."

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"• Responsible for Spot sales promotion in outlets. • Merchandising on trade level to increase brand awareness & sales. • Follow-up for availability and visibility at outlets. • Reporting Competitor’s Activities. • Responsible appointment of Distributor and manage sale& distribution • Explain the scheme related to product."

atendo o Presidente da empresa e seus familiares (Former Employee) says

"Nao , recomendo pois o Presidente CEO da empresa e de uma soberba e arrogância acima da media , Frances ,deveriam ser mais educados com pessoas que atedem seus familiares e fazem o melhor para deixa-los satisfeitos , porem é o contrario que se vigora !!!Nao temNao tem comando, muita soberba e arrogância !!"

Bottling Technician (Former Employee) says

"I did not make it to the end of my 90 day probationary period and was let go for no obvious reason. I acted as a model employee and worked hard and was there on time, taking no time off and saying yes to overtime. The reasoning I was given by Human Resources was the production schedule had changed and they no longer required me, yet they are once again hiring. I found out from another individual that this company has done this to about 150 people in the past five years. That should tell you something about the company, especially considering the hiring process. I have had to jump through hoops to get certain jobs, but this one wanted you to do back flips. I had to do multiple assessments testing my mechanical knowledge, logic and reasoning skills, as well as basic applied physics. In addition to that, I had to do 3 interviews as well as a one hour medical asking me my entire health history as well as making me perform motions and taking my resting heart rate. I later found out they should not be asking medical related questions that are non bona fide to the job before an unconditional offer is presented. There was absolutely no flexibility for when I could come in for these interviews and assessments and as a result I had to take time off of work to attend. I did so because the reputation of this company from the past and people told me it was a good place to work. I was disappointed after I was hired. There is no pension as people believe, only a group contribution plan that you pay into yourself and the company puts 1% into for a finite portfolio at the end of your service.Steady days, relatively clean working environment, overtimeTemp service treatment"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Employees are not appreciated for an honest hard work Environment is very stressful The operations are very unorganized Incompetence in some people is tolerated"

Market Manager (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this place to anyone whom already doesn't work in the Spirits business. Long hours and little reward working here plus the wholesaler works against you!"

Assistant Manager Finance (Former Employee) says

"No work life balance , decent compensation, 5 days working, poor management, people treat you like slaves, poor management policies. Good travel opportunities"

Senior Manager Tools and Capabilities, Revenue Growth Management (Current Employee) says

"A job in the liquor industry sounds like fun but this place manages to take the fun part out and replace it with an old boys' club mentality, stubborn resistance to adapt to changes in the industry, constant reorgs at mid-manager level but no change on top to alleviate pressure from Wall Street and religious adherence to French and Australian employees who lack basic understanding of the US alcohol industry."

Bottle Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Had to go through an interview process that lasted months being tested on criteria that was not even relevant to the job. After being pushed through IQ tests and physicals was given barely two weeks to give my current employer notice to quit and start there. Had to deal with constant harassment by employees in the high school setting. Made to feel like your whole value as a human being in that environment is based only on your seniority and how long you have been there, and absolutely nothing to do with what you know or can do. Lots of downtime with machines and people standing around talking and doing nothing. You will feel like a temp working for a personnel agency as you work and people stand around watching you laughing. The work is okay but it is not exciting. Found out that many people are arbitrarily let go before probation is finished without an obvious reason as to why or a reasonable explanation given. This company screws with peoples lives, playing on their reputation to lure people in with the hope of one day making a good wage. People leave jobs with benefits to come and after attempts to be a model employee are dismissed without any provocation or any attempts made on behalf of management to coach employees.NonePrison factory with high school mentality people"

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Too many re organizations HR is the worst Getting rid off of old timers to employ young male Company changed the workplace to a factory like open floor Employee morale is on the floor Most employees are waiting to be offered a benefit package to move onliquor allowanceno work balance"

(SEAGRAM) says

"This company is would second largest compney and this company brand all running and this company working experience best this company administration very transplant"

operaria (Former Employee) says

"levantar cajas de 20 kilos no es muy bueno para un mujer, esto era constantemente, pero uno se acostumbra a todotrabajo en blanco y cerca de mi casamuy pesado"

Technicien de Maintenance industrielle stagiaire (Former Employee) says

"Passer ses journée a balayer, je ne vois pas l'utilité de rester là basAucunPasser la journée a passer le balais"

Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work until company became greedy and fired me to steel my pension. They succeeded in stealing about $1,500,000 in pension from me over time."

Bottling Line Operator (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, poor coordination between departments, pay level is unfair, scheduling of jobs is hard on the employees instead of being efficient and productive. Maybe this place will be better in a few years, but as of now, would not recommend. 0 stars.They make up for the sh*tty work environment by giving you free liqour a few times a yearNo knowledgable supervisors or management to go to with issues."

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